Solinteg provides the leading technology hybrid inverter 4-20KW for PV energy solution

Solinteg’s hybrid inverter product, Integ M series of three phase 4-20KW, with features of modern appearance, advanced performance, easy installation and stable long-term operation, is optimal for residential and commercial solar energy solution. Solinteg, who focuses on cutting-edge solar inverter technology, offers hybrid three-phase inverters in eight power classes of 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, […]

Solinteg group opens new branch in Munich, Germany

Solinteg group opens new branch in Munich, Germany

Global solar inverter and solution provider Solinteg is already active in the PV energy storage market in Europe and is now looking to expand its footprint in this region. With the new office in Munich, Solinteg has created a new entity in Germany called Solinteg GmbH. As the operation center of Europe, the new branch […]

Solinteg, Integrate Solar Intelligently

Solar energy has been the indispensable part during decentralized clean energy transition. To improve the efficiency of PV system and whole energy system, minimize the energy loss during the conversion, usage, storage, and interaction with grid, has been the initial idea and orientation during R&D, production and use. Integration is more than a word. To […]

Solinteg Strip

Solinteg strip, evolving from Möbius strip, is a symbol of endlessness. The gradient color from bright red to dark purple,with the expression of surging power, can be imaged as the light color of morning glow or sunset glow. Solinteg strip means Solinteg continuously deliver sustainable clean energy day and night.